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  1. Best margins available for our dynamic and innovative products and brands
  2. Vetting of ingredient lists, company values, ability to deliver, manufacturing process to ensure your values and those of the brands align
  3. Bring new Canadian brands upon request, vet and negotiate with the brand as requested
  4. No minimum order required, and ability to order multiple brands at once allowing you to grow organically while protecting your cashflow
  5. Brand curation specific to your retail environment
  6. Training available 24/7 to you and your team directly on website and include videos, PDF, fact sheet and more
  7. Online (live) training between brand and you to help boost sales
  8. Quick credits and return authorization
  9. Extensive and continually growing product selection
  10. Online Ordering, inventory transparency, easy invoicing, and invoice lookup
  11. Cross channels expertise
  12. We are mindful of over-saturation and work to provide you with geographical exclusivity as it is possible