Retailer Handbook

  1. Eligibility 

In order to qualify for wholesale pricing, you must operate a registered business. A business registration certificate and/or photos of your retail space will be requested.

  1. Merchandising

The retailer shall use its best efforts to estimate sales and maintain an adequate inventory and ensure the Products are:

  • visually appealing, dusted regularly
  • a minimum of 3 months before expiry date
  • keep testers fresh so the line is attractive and appealing
  • suitable for resale to the general public; unopened, unused and looking new
  • use brand display if available
  • sold by trained staff available at all times to facilitate sale

Local(e) Beauty reserves the right to inhibits the purchase of certain brands depending on the brand limitation (for example, a luxury brand cannot be sold at a grocery store). 

  1. Shelf Life and Product Rotation

Products manufactured with raw, plant-based ingredients are far more delicate than their petroleum and preservative laced opponents. For this reason, care must be taken to treat organic/natural cosmetics more like food products. 

We are not responsible for product that has expired on your store's shelves.  Only order enough stock that you expect to sell within 6 months. Be sure to rotate the products on your shelves. If you suspect your stock has turned rancid, please dispose of it for the safety of your client and the reputation of our brand and your store.  

  1. Returns:

You are required to have a return policy in place for your own store, and strongly encourage consumers to use the testers or samples prior to purchasing full size item. 

Download our Customer Return Log to track your product returns. Fill out ALL requested information including purchase location, date and time of Product purchase by customer, customer return date, lot number, reason for return, and who approved return. Email the completed form to within the first 7 days of each month.

A credit memo maybe applied to your account upon approval of the returns. Please provide as much proof (photos, etc.) as possible. 

 *We may ask for you to ship the product back to us for inspection. If we do, it will be at our expense.

Accepted Returns*

  • Unopened product if the product appears to be unacceptable to sell (for whatever reason). Email with any photos as well as the lot number of the product(s) immediately upon reception. Locale shall re-ship replacement product.
  • Opened cosmetics that are defective (product or packaging). 
  • Customer has a medical reaction to a product with reasonable proof.

*Restocking fee: Unopened product returned to us within 6 months after the ship date will incur a 25% restocking fee + shipping.   

Non-accepted Returns

  • We do not accept returns on expired products, or on unopened products after six months of the shipping date.
  • We do not accept returns due to you or your customers choosing the wrong colour, disliking the product or damage that was caused post-purchase. 

  1. Orders, Shipping and Fulfillment

Placing an Order

Orders must be placed on Once your order is submitted, our shipping department will review the order and revise if needed. Shipping charges will be adjusted based on the weight and size of your order. The final invoice will be sent via email along with a request for payment.


Orders are shipped within 3-5 days of reception of order. We use a centralized courier-selection process and will always ship your order at the lowest cost to you. If expedited shipping is required, please indicate in the order comments. We will work with you to choose the best rate and timeframe. A tracking number will be emailed to you.


Shortage of products may happen from time to time and are often related to the suppliers. In such case, we will contact you to determine if you prefer us to ship immediately, or once the product becomes available and offer alternatives.

Testers and Samples

Testers are usually full-size products. Please check testers on a quarterly basis to ensure freshness, and ensure your testers are kept clean and appealing to customers. Local(e) Beauty follows the tester policy of each manufacturer.

Ordering testers online

Include your list of requested testers in the “Comments” box as you proceed through check-out. The charges will be included in your final invoice, which will be sent to you via email.

Each brand has their own sample programs and pouches will be sent to you with your order. You may purchase empty capsules and blank label sheets from us, as well as testing tools in the retailer supplies category. Have them available in your storefront, and offer to send your guest home with a sample of the product they are interested in. Fill the capsule with product from your display tester and write the product name on the label.  

  1. Exclusivity

We do not enter into formal exclusivity agreements with our retailers, as we believe that each business reaches its own unique sphere of influence. However, we are mindful of over-saturation. So while we don't have a formal exclusivity policy, we will try to work with our retailers who are doing their best to represent Local(e) Beauty brands in their area.     

  1. Education and Training

Retailers and their staff should be empowered and confident recommending any of the brands found on Locale Beauty's website.  Each brand showroom comes with all information and training currently available. It may be videos, product line sheet, catalogue and demo instructions.

You will be invited to brand trainings bi-weekly. You can discover new brands, new products, giving you the ability to pick right for your audience, and gain useful insights.

  1. Billing and Payment

Unless previously agreed upon, we require full payment prior to shipping. We do not accept credit cards or cheques.

E-transfer payment to:

EFT: Branch: 003 Transit: 01560 Account: 1000769

There is no minimum order requirement, although please note that some suppliers do require their products to be ordered in certain case quantities.

Retailer agrees that it is their sole responsibility to collect, report, and remit all taxes to the correct tax authority for all business transactions, sales or revenue stemming from the sales of the Retailer’s products.

  1. Resale Price Maintenance

Local(e) Beauty follows MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price). We retain the right to terminate our agreement with any retailer that advertises our products for less than our manufacturers-suggested retail price (MSRP), which is listed on this website. 

Advertised sales, coupons and discounts are allowed on products, however they must be short-term. Any other sales must be agreed upon with Locale.  If you are found to have on-going sales or discounts available on our products or brands, which puts them under MRSP constantly, your wholesale agreement will be terminated. If you have any questions about a sale, coupon or discount that you would like to offer on a regular basis, please email

  1. Third Party Resale

It is not permitted to resell any products purchased through Local(e) Beauty via a third-party online retailer without the written consent of Locale Beauty.  This includes but is not limited to websites such as Amazon, e-Bay, Walmart. 

  1. Cease of Operations

In the event the Retailer decides to sell, dispose of, or close its operations, declares or is forced into bankruptcy, or wishes to expand its operations or is otherwise in need of an injection of capital, Locale herein shall be made aware and able to offer purchase or invest in the Retailer’s business or portion of its business. Retailer shall inform Locale of such event. The Retailer retains full rights to accept or decline Locale’s offer, if any.

  1. Intellectual Property and Rights

The Retailer and Locale retain all respective rights of ownership for Trademarks, logos, trade names, branding, etc. pertaining to the making of its brand.

The Retailer and Locale acknowledge the need to preserve the confidentiality and secrecy of respective logos, trade names, branding, product information, etc., and both parties agree that both during and after the term of this Agreement they will not use of disclose the confidential information to any person, firm, or corporation, except as reasonably required to perform their obligations under the Agreement.

The Parties agree and undertake not to engage in any form of conduct, or make any statements or representations, of whatsoever nature, that would harm the other Party’s reputation, goodwill, trademarks, trade secrets or commercial interests.

Please refer to IP Policy and Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more complete information regarding Intellectual Property.

These policies are subject to change from time to time.  Locale shall provide the Retailer with thirty (30) days advance notice of any changes to its policies.