The Beauty Industry

It's a world of its own, a place where human connections make the difference and education is a must

Move your inventory

Your brand will only be on-boarded if we have at least one retailer for you.

Hassle-free Logistic

We purchase and store inventory in our warehouse and ship directly to retailers across Canada.

Stay in the Know

Get monthly report detailing retailer's purchase per product and use data to make sound marketing decisions to grow your brand. 

Access a whole team of professional

  1. Use our best efforts to promote the sale of your brand and products to retailers
  2. We will adhere to YOUR standards when we place your brand in a new retail space so you're always represented within your rights
  3. We will provide technical and promotional assistance to our Retailers, over the phone, video conference, email and web-based training
  4. We pay for all products received within 30 days
  5. We will provide you with detailed monthly report so you are always in the know

Before you apply, make sure your products:

  • Meet the labeling and product safety requirements under the Canadian cosmetics regulations
  • Meet the ingredients criteria listed on Local(e) Beauty
  • Be marketable (high res images of products and brands, with and without background), social media presence, updated website, ect. 
  • Have competitive margins. Our retailers expect margins of 40% to 50% and we accept a minimum of 20% commission on wholesale price
  • Be available for one hour quarterly to connect and provide training on your brand and products
  • Be familiar and on board with our Brand and Retailer Handbook

Ready to grow? Apply below, and we will be in touch within 7 days of your application. 

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